Senior Product Designer

London, England, United Kingdom · Design


Verve is looking for a very talented Senior Product Designer.

You’ve designed full end-to-end products before. You’ve defined great - no - incredible customer experiences. You’ve crafted surprise and delight. You’ve executed best-in-class UX and UI (yep, that means you know grids, flows, discovery processes, modular design systems, user research best practise, when to do wireframes vs high polish prototypes - and you have the scars to prove it). You know narrative is key to great product design, and trust is essential in great user experiences. You’ll not be afraid to defend your creations, but you’ll be humble in your testing. You’ll be the personification of ‘strong opinions weakly held’, and you’ll know not only your own strengths and weaknesses, but also your superpowers.

You’re the person that makes the Product Design team feel bulletproof, no matter what the problem being discussed, no matter what the research determines to be the best course, no matter how complex the critique or feedback gets. We’re guessing, but perhaps where you are right now, no-one knows you’re the best designer in the room. So come work for us instead.

Here’s what you’ll get up to in the next 6 months:


* Reimagine, refine, iterate and lead the design of our many web and app products by combining your hard-won product skills with honest user feedback and expansive data driven research.

* Become the creative go-to in a multi-skilled team of developers, product managers and stakeholders.

* Communicate - and create from scratch - scalable strategies, user flows, frameworks, behaviours, wireframes, prototypes, libraries, brands, imagery and iconography. You’ll switch effortlessly between low and high definition and you’ll know the best time to make that switch.

* Design elegant and impactful experiences that solve problems for our digital-native and mobile focused users.

* Bring your significant experience into the broader design team - share your knowledge and tools, lead critique, create workshops, curate opinions and drive retrospectives.

* Be an advocate for best-in-class design - but be humble to our users and stakeholders day-to-day needs.

* Show leadership in one or more of our core products or verticals. UX, flows, visuals, behaviours, metrics, brand, story and experiential - you’ll understand it all and you’ll be constantly defining the best way to communicate it all.

* Take something from zero to one - and take complete responsibility for its success (or failure) in the wild. You’ll know how to define what good looks like, and be able to scale it globally.

* Show design leadership in and beyond your multi-skilled team, and/or product line, identify and align stakeholders, create workflows and define communications.


Verve is building a platform which enables our global network of advocates to sell products and services they love to their friends in exchange for unique experiences and rewards. We‘ve established a beachhead in live entertainment and work with some of the biggest events in the world, and are rapidly expanding our festival and event portfolio globally. As we continue to expand rapidly within this market, we’re also developing and launching exciting new technology in the Sports and Travel verticals.

At Verve we believe in a culture of freedom and ownership. We empower you to own the value you create and impact on our future success. And we believe that to act as an owner you should be empowered to work in the way that enables you to deliver the best results – how and when you do is up to you. You choose your hours, where you work, the meetings you attend and the amount of holiday to take in order to create the most value and be at your best.

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